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Americus City delegation visit itinerary

Time means of transportation schedule

March 29 (Sun)
16:20Arrive KANSAI Airport(KIX), OSAKA.
17:46Leave KIX (by JR Express Haruka) Arrive Shin-Osaka St.
19:42Leave Shin-Osaka St.(by JR Super Express Nozomi Shinkansen).
20:44Arrive Fukuyama St., HIROSHIMA
Check-in Fukuyama New Castle Hotel

March 30 (Mon)
9:00Leave Hotel
12:00-13:30Arrive Miyoshi-city and lunch(at Hiroshima Miyoshi Winery)
13:30-14:30Tea ceremony (at Okuda Genso and Sayume Art Museum)
14:45-15:20Field trip to Hiroshima Prefectual Miyoshi Fudoki no Oka, History and folklore museum.
15:30-17:00Courtesy Call to Mayor of Miyoshi
18:00Introductory meeting with the host family(to homestay)

March 31 (Tue)
9:00-12:00Exchange meeting(at Konu junior high school.)
12:30-13:30Lunch(restrant “Nemu no ki”)
14:00-15:00Field Trip (Shogan-ji)
15:30-16:30Opening ceremony of Rosalynn Carter Butterfly Trail garden
17:00Dissolution at Carter Civic Center (to homestay)

April 1(Wed)
8:00Leave Miyoshi, Konu Branch (To Hiroshima city)
10:00-12:00Field Trip Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum (Guidance by Mr.Leeper)
12:30-13:30Lunch (Hammburger steak Restrant “Bikkuri Donky”)
14:00-16:00Field Trip Hiroshima-Castle, Hiroshima Gokoku shrine(a shrine for the war dead)
16:00Leave Hiroshima city
18:00Arrive Konu Branch (to homestay)

April 2(Thu)
Free Time(with host family)
18:00-20:00Dinner Party (at Snack and Café “Amin”)
To homestay

April 3(Fri)
10:00-15:00Pizza Party and Trial Ground Golf (at Wing Dome and Carter memorial stadium)
To homestay

April 4(Sat)
9:00Leave Konu Branch by Bus (To Fukuyama St.)
10:59Leave Fukuyama St., HIROSHIMA.(by JR Super Express Nozomi)
12:01Arrive Shin-Osaka St., OSAKA.
13:15Leave Shin-Osaka St. by express Haruka
14:04Arrive Kansai Airport (lunch)

2014 Americus City delegation photo
Welcome to Konu Miyoshi-city